The Source

Find out how only the best, most natural ingredients go into Anders’ Vodka

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Our vodka is distilled only once in order to maximize flavor and keep the original character.

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We filter only once to perserve all the flavour.

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The Product

Our vodka has more weight, more flavor with a hint of sweetness, and a little less burn.

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Tucked back in the majestic countryside within the Colorado Rockies, the inspiration for Anders’ Vodka is found. Anders’ vodka is different because of the finest 100% Colorado ingredients and the care taken to create it. Anders’ vodka is crafted using the finest Colorado mountain sweet corn, grown in the Olathe Region. This corn is irrigated with melted snow water and hand picked at the peak of ripeness. This corn is then fermented using the cleanest Colorado Rocky Mountain water which is filtered even further.

We distill our vodka in small batches using a state of the art still. No expense had been spared in making the vodka, so only the very heart of the distillate remains upon completion.

We take such care about what we put in and how we produce this vodka, because quite simply, we love what we do.